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The Henon Era Back Issues

Coming soon… the back issue consist will include PDF samples and images from the more "collectible" copies of O Scale News. We hope to have many of the rare editions available on DVD by our 40th anniversary in 2010! Why would you want these you might ask? For the ideas, of course. From track plans to O Scale history, I love having our print copies available when I'm working on my latest module and have pretty much memorized where my favorite articles are located. The photos weren't much in the oldest copies, but both large and tiny O Scale layouts from those old issues have inspired our own work over the years and saved us endless hours of work when we chose to adapt an older idea rather than "reinvent the wheel"…  Online, we will post low-resolution copies with small samples, but if you order a DVD then you will see larger, crisp images… and discover bonus photos or plans that never made it into print (quality varies over the decades). I love my print copies and admit our collection has helped improve my modeling skills (old ideas and inspiration they gave me on a slow evening, priceless). The late Greg Heier also gave me the beginnings of a searchable collection of O Scale history. Great idea! We plan to share….


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